Yellowstone Country - Coma Inducer® Twin XL Duvet Cover - Auburn Earth

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Inspired by falling in love with Montana. It was this love for Montana that drove us to watch the TV show "Yellowstone", where we saw Beth Dutton wearing a coat that looked like it needed to be a Coma Inducer®. You never know when inspiration can strike! Beth was wearing a coat that was an auburn rusty earth color with a bundled up Montana winter grit style that just practically dared us to create a Coma Inducer® with the same look and feel. Call it an ode to the show and to Montana as no one ever asked us to make this Crazies inspired, cozy duvet cover. We think we achieved something special with our Yellowstone Country Coma Inducer®!! If you're a fan of velvety plush warmth and Montana, then you've found your dream Coma Inducer® in Yellowstone Country! Special awe and respect to Paradise Valley and Pray, Montana as not just inspiration, but also the future short term rental and Flagship home for our Coma Inducer® brand. Stay tuned as we continue our Yellowstone journey.

Twin XL: 68" x 90" + (1) Standard Sham: 20" x 26" x 2" Flange

Care Instructions
Byourbed bedding can be washed on a gentle, cold cycle. Do not use bleach or pour detergent directly on your bedding, and wash alone. It is best to hang dry if possible, if not, use no heat or a low heat setting. Ensure that the machine is large enough to accommodate as it is important that your bedding can tumble in the dryer, rather than staying in one location the entire cycle.